Thursday, February 12, 2015


(Pic: Colors, and you)

Every time you dance to a tune
I see swirls of blue
That fill me with vortexes
...And I revel.

And once when you sat there
In your creamish glory
The radiance was blinding
...And me, numbed.

Radiance so white
It has the rainbow in it
Fused with all its colors
...And my sighs.

And every time I sneak a look
Through your glasses
Those colors in your pupils whirl
...And I play.

Surely, you must be the mistress
Of every color I knew
For when you spread them color my world.

1. Celebrating Holi a little before than it usually is :)
2. I still have to decide what I like more - Black & White or Colors or perhaps both.
3. Irrespective of 2., I do like the feel of a Black and White picture getting colored.
4. One perspective of "Let me color you in a thousand colors".

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Analogies, and You

(Raja Ravi Varma - Lady With A Lamp)

Your eyelashes must really be enchanting
Because everytime you flutter them,
They set off a thousand butterflies within me.

You really must know how to cast a spell
Because everytime your lips utter,
I'm left speechless.

The air around you must carry life
Because everytime you sigh,
It takes my breath away.

And the first time you spoke my name
It must have been THE WORD,
For after that, all I could see was light.

Your smile must be angelic
Because everytime it touches me
I get wings.

In fact, you must be the rain
Because everytime I'm parched
Your thoughts fill me with fragrance.

And every time I see you
I go weak in my knees
Its not because I'm senseless
Its because I melt.

1. A tiny subset of the analogies that flood my mind :)
2. This is how one full days worth of work looks like :D
3. Continuation of the Raja Ravi Varma series.
4. If you are wondering what "THE WORD" means then it comes from Genesis 1:3 when God said "Let there be light".

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Man In The Iron Mask

(Go figure whos behind that mask ;) )

How could someone survive
The depths of a dungeon?
The spirit free,
And physique soiled
But THIRTY FOUR years he toiled!

And how could someone thrive
In throes of nothingness?
Expressions barred
Emotions untied
For THIRTY FOUR years he died!

How could someone hide
And hide in plain sight?
A world around
Another inside
THIRTY FOUR years he hath to bide!

And how to emerge sane
After years of fright?
Bequeath the past
And forego the strife
For after THIRTY FOUR years he hath a life!

1. Train of thoughts, visions, a drowning, sound of sea waves and then the eyes opening. It had to be The Man In The Iron Mask. (I guess my fascination with captive-yet-free souls continues - first 'The Bet' and now this spontaneously making their way into my imagination)

2. It was only today I realized how expressionless and deceitful a life living under a mask could be. One could practically get away with any amount of discrepancy between  the intent on one side of the mask and the words on the other. *sigh* Bad bad world!

3. Also, a point to note is that I get this captive-yet-free feeling only when I've had an extremely boring and insipid day at work. My inner me asserting the right to live, I guess :)))

4. Do read Alexandre Dumas' stories for more history on The Man In The Iron Mask.

Friday, January 16, 2015


(Photo Courtesy: Raja Ravi Varma - Lady Holding A Fruit)

Her smile-
Holds the calm of still water
♬ And if only she knew
  How deep it drew
  The ardent me
  With leashes few ♬
*My storm would subside*

Her laughter-
Holds the tinkle of bells
♬ And if only she knew
  Those tinkles, they grew
  With gales that passed
  And every breeze that blew ♬
*I'd lie in silence*

Her locks-
Hold the darkness of night
♬ And if only she knew
  What darkness brew
  What tales it told
  'n what nights construe ♬
*I'd rest in peace*

Her eyes-
Hold eternal gaze
♬ And if only she knew
  Such gazes are cue
  To get one lost
  Forever from view ♬
*I'd be immortal*

Her exuberance-
Holds the first draft of spring
♬ And if only she knew
  Such drafts are few
  That spur a bloom
  'n flutter hearts anew ♬
*I'd then want to live*

1. An extremely extremely extremely simple "What If" analysis.
2. Raja Ravi Varma's paintings are really inspirational, I tell you. You just have to look at them long enough!
3. Follow up to 'Smitten' with the same protagonist. Step 2 - Check :)
4. The world would be so simple with a simulator. "Ok Simulator, What If ...?" :)))
5. Title picked up from "What If" - Isaac Asimov. If Sci-Fi interests you then do read it.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Rapunzel's Dilemma


Trapped in a dungeon tall
High above the world
Amidst no souls at all
She sat and wept fate inept
And then she wondered where he was.

And as she sat across the wall
Lost in thoughts
And eyes squeezed small
Her heart was swept
...with feelings that leapt
And then she wondered where he was.

In cold winters when evenings fall
When hearts freeze
Around a fiery ball
She often slept
...with whimpers that crept
And then she wondered where he was.

"Rapunzel! Rapunzel!", she heard him call
"Lower your hair,
Across the wall"
That voice adept
Had promises she kept...
...But then she wondered who he was.

1. More 100F fever stuff. Love to be on fire!
2. I loved the rhyme so much that I had to write an encore with an alternate view. Of course I blank out in the end. Not my territory!!!
3. Lots of allegory too. So many Rapunzel's, so many princes...and so many dungeons :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


(Caspar David Friedrich, Wanderer above a sea fog, (c. 1818))

Thinking of deserts drenched with rain,
Of events past,
'n lost refrains...
I beseech the creeks,
That echoeth now...
-And I wonder where you are.

Thinking of beats that went insane,
That sight last,
Now muddled in panes...
I reach the hues,
That floateth now...
-Then I wonder where you are.

And thinking of shards that now remain,
That sky cast,
Now ominous terrains...
I breach the shackles,
That holdeth now...
-And I wonder where you are.

Now sighing with yearn then sighing again,
In meadows vast,
Where the shadow remains...
I preach myself,
To persevere now...
......And then I wonder where you are.

1. Last night, I realized that night turns me on and so does 100F temperature(fever) - no kidding :)
2. I also made a note in that magical state, the need for a  mechanism to flush thoughts out - like you pull one ear and clear your brain.
3. Points 1. and 2. were indeed thought last night. I decided to retain them for the record and to revisit them later.

Sunday, November 23, 2014


(Picture: Urvashi and Pururavas
                    - Raja Ravi Varma)

I close my eyes,
Revel anew-
Flutter my heart,
And all I see is you...

I held my breath,
Every ounce I drew-
Died and lived,
And all I felt was you...

I stared in void,
With nothing in view-
Grappled in trance,
And all I saw was you...

I drifted far,
In air that blew-
Searched the world,
And every face was you...

I set me free,
Then wanton flew-
Soared till heaven,
And all I found was you...

Now I'm smitten,
With recourses few-
'n tireless thoughts,
Why is it always you?

1. Watching Rang Rasiya at midnight + post midnight raid into consciousness.
2. Writing this is scaring me. Step 1 - check.
3. Also inspired by Nandana Sen in Rang Rasiya... whatever that means.